14 Unique Most Expensive Wood Options around the World!

If you are a furniture buyer, then you must have an idea that the price range of furniture varies. The furniture is made with wood, but their price varies and is different from each other. Some wood furniture is expensive, and some of them are way cheaper than the others. The price change in the wood furniture is due to the quality and price of the wood. There are many luxury furniture brands that use expensive wood options to manufacture the furniture range.

Most Expensive Wood Options Around The World Give You The Most Unique Style?


Wood is extracted from roots and branches for various trees. Wood also comes from woody plants. Each one of them has their own uses and benefits. In this post, we will be telling you about the most expensive woods available in the world. 


Types of Woods




Dalbergia is a unique wood, and it is not commonly found in all parts of the world. The rare and expensive wood is available in India, and many luxury furniture brands in India use Dalbergia wood to manufacture furniture. It can be challenging and hard to reach the forests and woods where this wood grows. It is located on the small and medium trees and is rarely found. The wood can be hard to cut and use and even the most trained and skilled furniture manufacturers are not able to manufacture furniture by using this wood.




The Ebony wood is unique, and it is grown on diospyros trees. These trees are harvested in forests and are pure white wood rarely found in the market. It is thick and deep and has a beautiful texture and design. It can be hard to handle and is one of the most expensive woods. It can be transformed into gloss wood after it is polished. There are many decorative pieces that can be manufactured using this wood.




Sandalwood has a unique aroma and is a rare wood that is hardly found in most parts of the world. Sandalwood furniture is very expensive as the wood is very rare and hard to find. Sandalwood is found in Southeast Asia. The wood is used for use in religious rituals to burn fire. The wood is used in the powdered form in manufacturing cast marks. The oil of the wood is also used in colognes, fragrances, and scented candles. The powder of the wood is also used in making traditional and herbal medicines. These medicines are a cure for many health conditions.


Pink Ivory


Pink Ivory is an African wood and is a wood that is commonly found in Africa. The wood is unique and is widely popular due to its unique color. This wood has a bright color, and the furniture made with this wood looks bright and appealing. The color of the wood is pinkish brown and looks very different from the usual woods that grow in a forest.


This wood is commonly used in South Africa and Zimbabwe and is commonly harvested in African countries. This wood has a wide range of applications and can manufacture a lot of furniture and other products. It is also used in designing cutlery and other products. Many people love to buy furniture made with pink ivory because it enhances the interiors of their home and make it look appealing and attractive. It is durable and can last for many years if it is maintained well.

Agar Wood


Agar Wood is a pressure wood found in Southeast Asian tropical forests. It weighs around $10,000 per kgs. You will be surprised to know that a lot of oil can be extracted from it that is a lot more valuable than Gold. Once the wood is dried, it can also disinfect the area, and the scent is also very appealing. The best thing is that it can also be used to manufacture fish oil as it is a perfect raw material. Many people don’t know that it is used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years, and even now, all Ayurvedic products have this element in them. Tibetan and East Asian medicines also make use of Agarwood, and it has been healing many souls. The market for this wood has grown over the years, no matter how expensive it is.



Iron Wood or Lignum Vitae


Ironwood or Lignum Vitae is $90 per foot, and it is known as the tree of life. The growth rate of this wood is very slow, and it belongs to the Lignum family. It is majorly found in the Caribbean region, and an iron tree is rare but a gem for many. However, the wood is durable, solid, and high in density too. Lignum Vitae are available in plenty of colors, but it is either in light olive color or darker glossy color, depending on the tree types.


Amaranth, Purple Heart


Amaranth, Purple Heart is available at $11.99 per foot. Many people call it one of the unique colored woods of all time. When the wood is cut and dried, it turns into an eggplant color while there is no original wood color. Many industries are making use of it and find it very beautiful. You will be surprised to know that as the wood matures, it keeps changing into different colors and finally settles at brown color. However, there is still a violet touch that will remain intact over the years. If the users don’t want to see any changes in the color, they make use of a good UV finish that can retain the same purple color.




If we talk about Bubinga, it is one of the most refined woods purchased at $18.99 per foot. It is a rare and unique piece of timber, and a lot of colors are available for the convenience of users. There are two major colors available in Bubinga as one has a lighter stroke while the other has a dark reddish tone. Many people are making use of this wood as it offers a lot of benefits. It is used to make large wood plates placed on the tabletops, while many other projects can also be handled well with this kind of timber.


Cocobolo is a unique kind of wood and very few skilled professionals in the world that use Cocabola to manufacture furniture pieces. The furniture pieces designed with Cocabola wood are rare, and that is why they are very expensive. Cocobolo floors are gaining a lot of popularity as they look elegant and beautiful. It is also a durable wood and offers color options as well. Due to its various grain features, it will stand out among other woods. You will be delighted to know that if doors are constructed with Cocabola, they will never break, especially if you maintain them well. It is easy to manufacture valuable and unique furniture using Cocabola that can blend well with the decors of your house.

Koa Wood

Koa is a popular wood and it has many uses that industries can avail from this wood, and one of them is construction. It is also used for flooring, the building of boats, while good quality furniture can also be manufactured. The best thing is that it can prevent decay while it is one of the best flooring options. However, it is an expensive wood, so if it doesn’t fit your budget, you may not get much out of it.


The oil content in this wood is very high, and it produces a fine gloss easily that doesn’t take much time to manufacture. It is not surprising that this form of timber is useful for outdoors as it is durable and can resistants and other harmful pests.



The Holly wood is a part of the aphrodisiac group, but due to a loss of a wide range of wild resources, Hollywood has become very rare and expensive. It is light in weight and pales in color too. Whenever there is a requirement for special plantations in the jungle, you will notice that Hollywood is harvested there.


The wood is manufactured in South Africa and is commonly found in Africa. This wood is strong and durable, and the furniture designed with this wood is durable and long-lasting. It has a fine texture, and the appealing color of the wood makes it look highly appealing and attractive.



Ziricotewood is used to manufacture piano keys, and the pianos made with ebony wood are expensive. The wood is thick and strong and has a unique color. There are Ziricote pieces that appear to be greenish-black. If you are looking for rare furniture pieces, you must choose Zircote wood to make your home beautiful and attractive. The wood is also used to manufacture furniture pieces. The furniture made with this wood is expensive, and not everyone can afford the furniture designed with Zircote wood. Ziricote is gaining a lot of popularity now and grows in Australia. 


African Blackwood


African Blackwood can be purchased at $100 per foot. It is a small tree that is typically found in the south of the Sahara desert in Africa. You will be surprised to know that is not a fast-growing tree. However, it is dense, fine-grained, and has a melodious touch attached to it. The wood is used for creating musical instruments.

Bocote, Cardia

Bocote is a unique wood that can be purchased at affordable rates. It is available in the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. If the wood has finished or aged, it will give a light scent after being processed in a good way. Many uses are gained from using it, and the production of mailbox heads is one of them. It is also used to produce instrument handles, bearings, and many other objects used in many industries.

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